Syria Need Food, Help the Childrens - They Will Die"

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Syria Aid and Development is a Registered 501(c)(3), Tax ID 38-28446500.

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Campaign Objective

The war in Syria has been raging for many years now which has left the country in the grip of the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis. A deadly triple threat – bombs, disease and hunger – is threatening an entire generation of children. We are working tirelessly on the ground doing whatever it takes to help save lives and protect futures.


What if you could help someone in this difficult time. We Need you to support Syria in this situation.

Goal of Campaign ?

The number of people in need of aid has now reached over 22 million. Of these, more than 2 million are trapped far from their homes in camps, without any idea when they can return. As the crisis deepens, the death toll rises. People who have already fled their homes are now dying daily in the refugee camps from lack of food, water, and medicines.

24 million out of 30 million people in Syria depend on food aid and medical aid. That is 80% of the population and to make matters worse, aid is not reaching them. Syria is now witnessing the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. In an already crippled country, COVID-19 is ravishing an already vulnerable population with four times the deaths from the disease than the global average. Currently, the most affected and vulnerable populations in Syria are not being reached effectively. We will be focusing our efforts on the ground, delivering food aid to these two cities with existing partners. Needy Nation Trust is seeking your donations to assist some of the most oppressed people on earth with 100% of your donations reaching those in need.


Needy Nations is sending an emergency appeal to support people in Syria with medical supplies for the wounded, food parcels for those whose houses have been destroyed, medicine, and medical aid for the clinics and hospitals in dire need of assistance. Support Syria as people are struggling to pass each day with dignity!

This project will save the lives of hundreds of families. People are fighting for their lives right now in hospitals and many have lost their homes, belongings, and properties. Your contribution will save a life!



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